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Copy disc to image file from command line

Abcmd.exe can copy disc to iso file or bin / cue file from command line. It will perform a sector-by-sector copying. All sectors in source disc will be copied to the image file. If the destination file is bin file, a corresponding cue file will also be created to describe the disc track format.

Usage: abcmd make-image <source drive> [-switches]


  • -o:  Specify output file name.

  • -ot <iso | bin>:  Specify output file type. If not specified, the file type will be determined by file name suffix.


Example:  Copy disc in drive G: to iso file, and save the ISO file to C:\test\new.iso.

Command:  abcmd make-image G: -o C:\test\new.iso


Example:  Copy disc in drive G: to bin file, and save the bin file to c:\test\new.bin.

Command:  abcmd make-image G: -o C:\test\new.bin




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