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Copy disc to ISO file

AnyBurn can copy compact disc to ISO file or other image formats. It supports copying CD, DVD, or Blu-ray disc to ISO file. The ISO file is an exact copy of the source disc. You can copy compact disc to and ISO file, store it on the hard drive, then burn the ISO file to a new disc to create a copy of the original disc, or mount it as virtual drive. 

Please follow the steps to copy a compact disc to ISO file,

1. Run AnyBurn, then click "Copy disc to image file".

2. Select the source drive containing the disc you want to copy from the source drive list. 

Enter the destination file path name. You can click "Browse" button to select desired folder and file name. The destination image file type should be set to standard ISO file. 

Click "Create Now" to start copying disc to ISO file.

3. AnyBurn will now start copying the source disc to ISO file. You can see the detailed progress information during copying. After copying ISO file completes, you should see the message, "Creating image file finished successfully".


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