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  • AnyBurn uses LAME to rip Audio CD to mp3 files. Thanks LAME Team. (https://www.mp3dev.org) 

  • AnyBurn uses Monkey's Audio SDK to decode APE files. Thanks Matt Ashland. (https://www.monkeysaudio.com) 

  • AnyBurn uses FLAC library to decode FLAC files. Thanks FLAC Team. (https://flac.sourceforge.net) 

  • AnyBurn reads cddb information from freedb. Thanks freedb Team. (https://freedb.freedb.org) 

We would like to give thanks to everyone who helped us to improve AnyBurn by reporting bugs, making suggestions, designing UI, etc. Special thanks to the following translation contributors:

  • lculator zaloom (Arabic Version)

  • Ysrael Machado (Brazilian Portuguese Version)

  • Jozo Maric (Croatian Version)

  • Michel SUCH (French Version)

  • Joachim & Frettt  (German Version)

  • ZityiSoft Team (Hungarian Version)

  • NAMP (Italian Version)

  • pCsOrI (Korean Version)

  • Mariusz Swiatkowski (Polish Version)

  • Carlos Sanchez & Mauro mmm (Spanish Version)

  • Teguh Rijanandi (Indonesian Version)


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