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Extract BIN / CUE file

BIN / CUE file is an image file for compact disc, which can exactly represent a compact disc. Usually, .CUE file contains tracks information, while the corresponding BIN file contains real track data. To extract BIN / CUE file with AnyBurn, please follow the steps,  

1. Run AnyBurn, and click "Browse / Extract image file".

2. Click browse button and navigate to the BIN / CUE file you want to extract, and Click "Open" to select one of them. AnyBurn will automatically open the BIN file if CUE file is selected, and vice vesa. After you have selected the file, click "Next" button.

3. AnyBurn will list all files and folders within the BIN / CUE file. You can navigate around the folders and files in the image file. To extract BIN / CUE file, please select files and folers need to be extracted from the list. If no file or folder is selected, all files and folders within the NRG file will be extracted.

Click "Next" button to continue.

4. Enter the extract destination folder. If the folder doesn't exist, it will be created automatically. You can click browse button to select a folder.

"Open the folder after extraction": If this option is checked, the program will automatically open the destination folder after extraction.

"Overwrite existing files": If this option is checked, the program will automatically overwrite existing files without asking. Otherwise, it will prompt you to overwrite existing files.

Click "Next" button to continue.

6. AnyBurn will start extracting the BIN / CUE file. It will show the progress information and currently file being extracted.

7. You should see the message "Extracting image file finished successfully" after the extraction complete successfully.


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