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AnyBurn command line utility introduction

AnyBurn can do some operations from command line. Abcmd.exe is the command line utility of AnyBurn which supports lots of commands and switches. You can find the utility in AnyBurn installation folder.  The command line utility can do lots of operations, such as burn image file, copy disc, make image from disc, rip cd tracks, and etc. 

Abcmd.exe requires AnyBurn main program to work. Please make sure that abcmd.exe, AnyBurn.exe, and other components are all in AnyBurn installation folder.

The syntax for abcmd is,

abcmd <command> [parameters] [-switches]

Command line utility usage

Burn image file from command line

Copy disc from command line

Erase disc from command line

Copy disc to image file from command line

Rip Audio CD to musical files from command line





























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